The Fruit Box Foundation will use a portion of the settlement from the Whitney Vance estate to buy a parking lot at the intersection of Traction Avenue, Rose Street and Third Street in Los Angeles to create a small park . As Artistic Director of the Foundation, Vibiana Veracruz  will create a large-scale sculpture to serve as the centerpiece of the park. It will be approximately 20 ft. high of white acrylic, depicting a wartime helicopter crash similar to the one that killed her grandfather during the Viet Nam war. A woman holding a baby will be posed adjacent to the helicopter, resembling the sculptor's mother and herself. The sculpture is intended to express love and loss, as well as continuity between generations.

The dedication for the park and sculpture is slated for Spring 2017. Attendees are expected to include the sculptor and her son, her mother (Gabriela Lida), Harry and Madeline Bosch, Olivia McDonald and her sons, and Mickey Haller, legal adviser to the Foundation, who will serve as master of ceremonies.

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