"A Deadly Game" is the 34th episode and second-season finale of the ABC series Castle, airing on 17 May 2010. The episode is notable for including an appearance by mystery writer Michael Connelly as one of Richard Castle's poker buddies along with Stephen J. Cannell and James Patterson.


STEPHEN CANNELL: A murder in the middle of a spy-game where nobody knows what's going on? I like that.
MICHAEL CONNELLY: Ukranians are a nice twist.
RICHARD CASTLE: So we've explained the money, the gadgets, and the briefcase. The only thing we can't explain: why was he killed?
JAMES PATTERSON: Maybe that's because you're looking in the wrong place.
CASTLE: Alright, Patterson: where would you look?
PATTERSON: If I was writing this, the murder would have nothing to do with the spy-game. Except that it gave the killer an opportunity to act.
CONNELLY: Knowing that the trappings of the game would cover his tracks.
CANNELL: Which is pretty much what's happened. Look, Rick: as much trouble as we go to with these novels, there's only three reasons to commit a murder. Love; money; and to cover up a crime.
CONNELLY: Cannell's right. I'd spend more time looking at your victim and less time looking at the game.
PATTERSON: Personally, I'd spend more time writing, and less time hanging out with your cop friend. I mean, really, Ricky. Just one book a year?
CANNELL: Kinda thin, Rick.
CONNELLY: [shrugs]
PATTERSON: She seems like more of a distraction than a muse.
CASTLE: Oh, you're right. I think I've gotten everything I can get out of that relationship anyway.
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