Alexander Taylor is a film producer in Hollywood, and the head of Eidolon Productions. He is very wealthy, living in a huge mansion on Crest Road in Bel Air. He is a large man, over 6 ft. tall and 250 lbs., with brown hair, blue eyes and a beard.

In 1998, Taylor was approached with LAPD detectives Kizmin Rider and Harry Bosch after the murder of production assistant Angella Benton. Several days later, a film that Taylor was producing was shut down after an on-set robbery and shooting during which Bosch was present.

In October 2002, Taylor was again approached by Bosch, at that time retired from the LAPD, in regard to Benton's unsolved murder. Taylor offered Bosch $50,000 but Bosch declined. Later, following a deadly shootout at Bosch's house, Taylor offered him $100,000 for the movie rights, with the back end negotiable. Again, Bosch declines.


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