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Alicia Kent (d. March 2007) was the wife of Stanley Kent, and was also the lover of Clifford Maxwell. In 2006 she met Maxwell when he and Rachel Walling spoke with the Kents about the terrorism threats associated with his profession. She and Maxwell were attracted to each other, and this led to an affair. At some point they decided to kill Dr. Kent and to stage it to appear that it was a terrorist act. Maxwell's knowledge of anti-terrorism was instrumental in making their story believable.

After killing Dr. Kent, Alicia was then tied up in her bedroom in order to sell the terrorist idea to police. She was found by Harry Bosch and Rachel Walling shortly after discovery of her husband's body. Although she was hog-tied in an uncomfortable position, she was a yoga practitioner and able to hold the pose without too much difficulty. She had stained her hands with grape juice to give the impression that she had been bound for many hours. She told Bosch and Walling a story about being tied up by two men wearing ski masks and speaking a foreign language who sent a threatening message to her husband.

She later claimed to recall hearing her two assailants mention the name Moby (a nickname for Momar Azim Nassar). This was simply another misdirection tactic.

When the terrorist theory fell apart, Maxwell knew that Alicia was likely to give him up in exchange for a plea deal. Maxwell went to the building where the FBI was keeping her and killed her.