Alicia Navarro was a maid working for Charles Broussard and his wife at their home in Los Angeles. Some time in 2004 she overheard Mr. Broussard talking with his friend, David Willman, about attempting to kill a Mariachi musician. She was aware that City Councilman and mayoral candidate, Armando Zeyas, had offered a $25,000 reward for information regarding the shooting of Orlando Merced. She called Zeyas' office to report the conversation that she had overheard, and she spoke with Connor Spivak, the Councilman's chief of staff. As far as she knew, no action was taken regarding her information.

In 2014, after Merced died and Zeyas renewed his reward offer, she resumed making anonymous phone calls to the police. These phone calls came to the attention of detectives Harry Bosch and Lucia Soto who initially dismissed them. However, a series of events convinced them that Broussard was directly involved in the death of Merced and his maid was the one who had been making the anonymous calls. Broussard learned of her calls and began beating her. Bosch and Soto feared for Navarro's safety. They entered the home and Broussard was killed.

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