Ana Maria Acevedo was a young woman working for EZ Bank in 1993. She had somehow become acquainted with two bank robbers,  Larry Phillips and Emil Matasareanu, and agreed to help them rob EZ Bank. She had lived for a time in the Bonnie Brae Arms Apartments, and she told them how to set a fire in the apartment's dumpster to distract the police while they carried out the robbery.

Unfortunately, the fire resulted in the deaths of five children and four adults at the apartments. Acevedo was deeply troubled by guilt over the deaths. She quit her job and moved to a convent in Calexico where she used her share of the robbery money to pay off the mortgage of the convent. She became a nun and changed her name to Esther Gonzalez, the name of a teacher killed in the fire. Within the convent she was known as Sister Esi. She committed the rest of her life to serving the poor in Mexico.

In 2014 Harry Bosch and Lucia Soto examined her room at the convent for clues to the Bonnie Brae/EZ Bank case. They found a photo album with a newspaper clipping inside. The clipping included photos of Phillips and Matasareanu. Bosch was convinced that this proved her connection with the two bank robbers.

She was killed by unknown persons in the state of Guerrero, Mexico in 2014.

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