André Galton was a fictional African American man who lived in Los Angeles.

Prior to the Rodney King incident, police attempted to pull over Galton for drivig with an expired inspection sticker. Despite having no record of outstanding warrants, Galton fled from police, eventually leaving his car and climbing down an embankment that police refused to traverse. K9 units were brought in, and the police dogs attacked and mauled Galton, biting off his testicles and causing severe nerve damage in one of his legs.

Civil rights attorney Tom Faraday then represented Galton in an excessive force lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department to redress Galton's injuries. Faraday and Galton lost the case, and Galton proceeded to leave th courthouse, retrieve a handgun he had hidden wrapped in a plastic bag behind a bush, and shoot himself in the head next to the statue of Lady Justice.

Witnessing Galton's suicide caused Faraday to quit law before becoming a homeless panhandler.


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