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Andre La Cosse (b. 1981) is a resident of West Hollywood in Los Angeles and is a web site manager. His clients include a number of prostitutes. He is a small man and gay, with a domestic partner named David. His business made good money, and he chose to put some of his savings in gold bars.

On 13 November 2012, he was arrested for the murder of Gloria Dayton, and hired Mickey Haller to represent him. Dayton had told him that if anything should happen to her, he should call Haller. La Cosse did not understand the significance of her statement. When Haller said he would need a $25,000 advance to take the case, La Cosse sent him a gold bar worth $52,000. He later sent Haller a second gold bar. La Cosse could not make bail and was forced to spend several months in jail before his trial started. He was kept in a special unit for gay men, but he still had great difficulty tolerating the jail environment and his condition deteriorated steadily over time, both physically and mentally.

After the trial started, David took the remaining gold and disappeared, further contributing to Andre's depression. Just when the trial seemed to be going in his favor, he was attacked and stabbed seven times by another inmate. He had protection by the Sinaloa cartel in prison, but the attack came as he was being transported. He survived but was hospitalized for a considerable time. Due to Haller's courtroom work, the case against La Cosse was dismissed. He then worked with Haller to pursue a civil suit against the LAPD and the D.A.'s office. To avoid public embarrassment, the agencies settled for $2.4 million plus his medical expenses.

In 2019, when Mickey Haller was falsely arrested for murder, La Cosse offered to put up the money for his bail.