Angela Ojeda is a trumpet player in Los Angeles, California, and a former member of the mariachi group Los Reyes Jalisco. He is a strikingly handsome man. On 12 January 2004 the band played at a political fundraiser at the home of Charles Broussard to benefit mayoral candidate Robert Inglin. At that event Ojeda met Maria Broussard. There was a mutual attraction between Mrs. Broussard and Ojeda, leading to a brief affair between the two. Mr. Broussard somehow became aware of the affair and decided to have Ojeda killed. He hired his friend and employee, David Willman, to be the hitman.

On 10 April 2004 he and the other members of the group were in Mariachi Plaza when Orlando Merced was shot. Surveillance video of the scene showed that Ojeda reacted to the shooting as if he expected it, as if he knew he was the target. He said nothing about this to investigators at that time. Shortly afterwards he quit the band and moved to Tulsa, OK, where he managed a bar. He began using the alias Francisco Bernal.

In 2014 detectives Harry Bosch and Lucia Soto traced Ojeda to Tulsa and went there to question him. He revealed the truth about his affair with Maria Broussard. Ojeda said that after the shooting of Merced he feared for his own safety, and that is why he left L.A. and changed his name.


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