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Angela Cook (d. May 2009) was a crime reporter who was hired by the Los Angeles Times in May of 2009 to replace Jack McEvoy. She attended the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications where she received her M.A. degree. After receiving her degree she worked for two years in St. Petersburg. She was very attractive, with blonde hair and green eyes.

On learning that she would be replacing McEvoy, Cook displayed a strange fascination with him and his work, especially the Poet case. She also showed great interest in other serial killers and dominatrix web sites. She had her own blog called City of Angela.

She is the type of new reporter that McEvoy calls MoJo (mobile journalist). She is very comfortable researching and filing her stories from the field by phone or computer. Cook's first story for the Times (co-written with McEvoy) covered the resolution of a 1989 murder by the LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division's Open-Unsolved Unit. She then began working with McEvoy on the murder of Denise Babbit, whoe body was found in the trunk of her car. Cook made a fatal mistake when she visited a web site called trunkmurders.com. This led Wesley Carver to look into the story she was working on.

Shortly thereafter, Cook was murdered by Carver who placed her body under McEvoy's bed as part of a scheme to kill McEvoy and make it look like a murder-suicide.