Angella "Angie" Benton (d. 16 May 1999) was a production assistant with Eidolon Productions in Hollywood, California. She was of African-American ancestry, originally from Columbus, Ohio, attended Ohio State University, and was 24 years of age at the time of her death.

On 16 May 1999, she was found strangled in the mail alcove of her apartment building on Fountain near La Brea. Her murder was investigated by LAPD detectives Kizmin Rider, Jerry Edgar and Harry Bosch. The crime scene was made to look like a sexually-motivated attack. After the armed robbery of an Eidolon film location, the case was taken over by Robbery-Homicide detectives Jack Dorsey and Lawton Cross. It was not clear that there was a link between the murder of Benton and the robbery. For various reasons the investigation into her murder stalled, and no further leads emerged until four years later.


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