Archway Studios (Also known as Archway Pictures) is a movie studio located on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, California, about three blocks from the Paramount Studio. Initially it was a marginal studio, picking up pictures that were rejected by the larger studios. However, rental of office space to would-be movie moguls brought in a good amount of income. Anthony Aliso kept a small office at the Studio, as did film director David Storey and producer Alexander Taylor.

Walter Elliot bought the studio in the 1980's and began to build it into a major Hollywood player. He functioned as both owner and CEO, working out of a bungalow on the studio property. Elliot had a very good sense of what the public would like in a movie, and that translated into box office profits. After several years of success, the value of the studio had increased to the hundreds of millions.

After Elliot's death, James Barclay took over as the studio's CEO until his death in late 2013.

In 2011 Clegg McReynolds was a major player in the studio. He made a deal with Herbert Dahl to produce a movie based on the murder trial of Lisa Trammel. In early October of that year Thomas Rapport came to the studio for a week to work on script rewrites for an unspecified movie.



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