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Arthur Donovan is a supervising crime scene technician with the Los Angeles Police Department. He is very dependable and not argumentative when working with Harry Bosch, unlike a number of other employees in the department.

On 16 February 1986 he was supervising new employee, Izzy Gordon, in gathering forensic evidence in the murder of Melissa Landy.

On 20 May 1991, he cataloged the scene of Billy Meadows's murder.

On 25 December 1992, he cataloged the scene of Calexico Moore's apparent suicide.

In November of 1993, he cataloged the scene of a body discovered in the concrete slab beneath Bing's Billiards.

In October of 1995, he cataloged the scene of Anthony Aliso's murder.

By 2010 he was described as "long since dead", indicating he had passed away some time before the events of Jason Jessup's re-trail in 2010.

In the audiobook versions of the novels in which Donovan appears, narrator Dick Hill gives the technician a distinctive stutter.