Arturo Garcia was a detective with the homicide unit of the Los Angeles Police Department's Devonshire Division, and the partner of Ron Green. He subsequently worked his way up through the Department to the position of commander of the Valley Bureau by 2004.

In July of 1988, Garcia and Green investigated the murder of Rebecca Verloren, but never managed to resolve the case. He may not have realized at the time that their investigation was manipulated by Irvin Irving to direct them away from the racial aspects of the case. As a result, they missed important clues that could have led them to the killer.

In May of 2005, he was interviewed by Open-Unsolved detectives Kizmin Rider and Harry Bosch concerning the 1988 Verloren murder after DNA from the murder weapon was matched to a suspect. He cooperated with Bosch and Rider in placing an article in the Daily News regarding the reopening of the case in hopes of flushing out the suspect.


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