Aubrey-Lynn Showitz was a teenage girl who was murdered by Earl Hanford with her mother, father, and older sister in a region of the Florida Everglades called the "Devil's Keep." The family was from a small town in Ohio, on vacation in Florida. The killer operated an airboat and offered to give them a tour of the Everglades. Instead, he shot the father, then raped the mother and two daughters. Afterwards he tied concrete blocks to their ankles and drowned them in the deeper water of Devil's Keep. He videotaped the rape and murders, then sent the tape to the FBI.

The case was investigated by FBI profiler Terry McCaleb and Special Agent Rachel Walling, but the Showitz killer was never found. McCaleb kept a yearbook photograph of Aubrey-Lynn on his boat as a reminder. In the photo she is wearing braces on her teeth, emphasizing her youth and innocence. She was 15 year old when she was killed. He told this story to Graciela Rivers because she wanted to know who the girl was and she wanted to understand McCaleb.


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