Barnett Woodson (b. 1965) was a drug dealer and resident of Compton. In 1992 he was accused of murdering two UCLA students who had wanted to buy cocaine from him, then dumping their bodies in Hollywood Reservoir. The prosecution was seeking the death penalty. The lead prosecutor was Jerry Vincent. Woodson was defended in court by Mickey Haller who was at that time working in the Public Defender's Office. The primary witness against Woodson was Ronald Torrance who was in jail at the same time as Woodson and said the Woodson had confessed to him. Woodson had a copy of his case file in his cell, and Torrance was somehow able to get a look at it. Woodson was acquitted and then stated sarcastically that he was sorry he had gotten away with murder. He was killed in a drive-by shooting shortly after his acquittal.

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