Bo-Jing Chang is a low-level enforcer with the Yung Kim (Brave Knife) Triad in Los Angeles. He works at a used car dealer in Monterey Park . He came to the U.S. in 1995 and now has dual citizenship. He has no arrest record. As an enforcer for the triad, one of his duties was to visit Fortune Liquor (and probably many other small businesses) to collect Quang Xi (protection money) from John Li, the store owner. The Quang Xi is usually $108 weekly because that is a lucky number. 

On 1 September 2009,  Chang visited the store, and his visit was captured on video which was later seen by Harry Bosch. One week later Chang visited again, but this time his visit was followed by another man who shot and killed Li. The killer took the disk from the video recorder. When Bosch viewed the Sept. 1 video, he suspected Chang of being the killer. Chang visited the Li family's store in Sherman Oaks and told Robert Li that he would have to start making the Quang Xi payments. Bosch and other detectives then observed Chang at Club 88, a hangout for Yung Kim men in Monterey Park.

When Chang found out that the police were investigating him he immediately moved out of his apartment, packed his suitcase, and bought an airline ticket to Seattle. From there he planned to go to Vancouver and then to Hong Kong. He was arrested at LAX by Bosch and his partner. He was held over the weekend so that police could try to get evidence against him. However, no evidence was found. On the following Monday he was released and presumably went directly to Hong Kong.

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