"Bones" is a short interview conducted by Michael Connelly with Los Angeles County senior criminalist Margaret Kaleuati on the set of Bosch.

The video runs 2:01.

[CAMERAMAN]: Okay, go ahead, while we have a lull here.


[CAMERAMAN]: Just go.

CONNELLY: Oh, okay. I'm here with Margaret Kaleuati, who is the senior criminalist with the L.A. County medical examiner/coroner. Did I get that right?


[CAMERAMAN]: Let's– let's– let's start again.


[CAMERAMAN]: We're right in the middle of everything.


[CAMERAMAN]: Let's go.

KALEUATI: Am I supposed to look at the camera, or at him?

CONNELLY: It's alright, this is– we're on the set, so it's–

[CAMERAMAN]: Okay, but if I can't here you, it's not going to do you any good.

CONNELLY: Alright.

[CAMERAMAN]: Go ahead.

CONNELLY: Can you hear that?


CONNELLY: Okay. Alright. I'm here with Margaret Kaleuati, who is the senior criminalist with the L.A. County coroner/medical examiner's office. I probably got that wrong `cause it's so long. But, uh, thanks for joining us on the set here. Um, you– you know, our– our, uh, pilot is based on City of Bones, and I think you brought an accuracy to our city of bones, and I really appreciate it. But that's what I wanted to ask you about: how close are we, in this show, to what it's really like when you have to come into a desolate area – or a remote area, and, uh, excavate bones?

KALEUATI: We definitely did a lot of things that, uh, are true to form, um, as far as coming in, searching out from the area; uh, gridding off the grave; and, uh, actually measuring things in. Um, so we've done a lot of things that are true to form.

CONNELLY: Cool. That's our goal: to be, uh, one of the most accurate detective shows ever. So, uh, what's more boring: being on a set all day, or being at a real bone dig? Or, I should say: which is more exciting?

KALEUATI: Hmm. There are good things to each. Um, being at a bone dig, a lot of times there's a lot of just sitting around. It's kind of similar to being on set.

CONNELLY: Sounds like a set. Yeah. Well thanks very much, and, uh– appreciate it, and, uh, thanks for everything that you've brought to our show.

KALEUATI: Thank you.


[CAMERAMAN] That's great.


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