"Golliher" is a short interview conducted by Michael Connelly with actor Alan Rosenberg on the set of Bosch.

The video runs 1:11.

CONNELLY: Uh, first of all, thanks for doing this.

ROSENBERG: Oh, my pleasure.

CONNELLY: It was– it was our pleasure to have you on this. You've played a lot of roles over the years. Have you done something like Dr. Golliher before?

ROSENBERG: No, I haven't. I've– I've played mostly lawyers in my life. This is a higher calling, I think.

CONNELLY: Okay. Well, uh, it was a tough role, I think. You had to, uh, carry the, uh– the exposition of all the– the science and so forth. And, uh, I just thought it was great.

ROSENBERG: I loved it, actually. And, you know, the challenge, we were talking about before, is– is finding where the heart is, you know? And what the feeling is towards these bones.


ROSENBERG: I'm looking at, you know– and as I read your books, as I said, you know, heart is all over the place. I mean, it's– it's– it's there. It's implied, and– not just implied; it's there. What's interesting to me about this last scene we shot over here– and we shot the other day– is it's the last five pages of the script.


ROSENBERG: So I really did feel the need to invest it with– with– with– with emotion, feeling, you know. It– it– it's– it's an interesting dynamic. Like the end of, uh, Psycho.

CONNELLY: It's– it's definitely– yeah. Definitely a cross-section of science and humanity.


CONNELLY: You have to have that.

ROSENBERG: Well, thanks; I hope– I hope I brought it.

CONNELLY: I think we got it. Thanks.

ROSENBERG: Thanks you very much.

CONNELLY: Thanks so much for being part of this.

ROSENBERG: Oh, believe me, it's a pleasure. An honor.

CONNELLY: Alright, take care.

ROSENBERG: Thank you, Michael.


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