Buddy Lockridge was a neighbor of Terry McCaleb in the late 1990's. He was a chubby man with sun-bleached hair and a boat-bum personality. He lived on his boat, the Double-Down, at Cabrillo Marina. McCaleb's boat was a few slips away. Lockridge's boat was a floating junkyard with numerous bicycles, kayaks, barbecues and other items on his deck. He also owned a Ford Taurus that was seven years old (as of 1998).

The two men became friends after McCaleb's medical retirement when he was restoring his boat. Lockridge sometimes refers to Terry as "Terror." McCaleb would sometimes discuss old cases with Lockridge, but this was a mistake because it fueled Lockridge's curiosity and caused him to become overly inquisitive about McCaleb's investigations.

He worked as McCaleb's driver in April of 1998 during the investigation into the murder of Gloria Torres, even providing some assistance at times. For example, he found a gun planted under McCaleb's boat by the killer. He played harmonica and was an avid reader. After the capture of the Code Killer, Lockridge and McCaleb opened a charter fishing business based in Avalon Bay on Catalina Island. Lockridge held the marine charter license while McCaleb's wife owned the boat.

In January of 2001, he appeared to leak information to journalist Jack McEvoy concerning McCaleb's investigation into detective Harry Bosch. However, that was a misunderstanding; Lockridge had not talked to McEvoy. In the end Lockridge and McCaleb remain friends and business partners.

In February of 2004, he filed a burglary report indicating that a Gulliver 100 handheld global positioning system reader had been stolen from The Following Sea. Buddy had won the GPS in a card game and it had good fishing spots saved in it. In April of that year, he was interviewed by Bosch after Graciela McCaleb hired the private investigator to investigate her husband's death. Lockridge referred to Bosch as "Suitcase Harry" because of his perpetually rumpled appearance. As he had with McCaleb, Buddy annoyed Bosch with requests to help with the investigation. Bosch used him briefly as a driver and courier, and Buddy was helpful in identifying McCaleb's photos of the suspicious man known as Jordan Shandy.


In the 2002 film, Lockridge's character was combined with that of James Noone, and his name was changed to Jasper "Buddy" Noone. He was played by Jeff Daniels. In "The Narrows" Lockridge says he did not like the way he was portrayed in the movie.

The film also has a character named James Lockridge, who holds the same occupation held by James Noone in the book. He was played by Rick Hoffman.


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