Chad Brannon

Chad Brannon plays Sergeant Carl LaForest

Sergeant Carl LaForest is an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department. He is a patrol sergeant in the Hollywood Division.

He responds to a call for back-up from Officers Ray Powers and Julius Edgewood. The pair have stopped a trio of drinkers who were attempting to break into a car. The trio explain that the car belongs to them but the keys were accidentally locked inside. They are outraged that Powers drew a gun to subdue them. LaForest manages to calm the situation but is appalled that Powers and Edgewood have clearly been drinking heavily. He writes up the incident but accepts Lieutenant Grace Billets (acting commander of the division) recommendation that she keep the discipline for the officers in house with a Notice To Comply for both officers.


LaForest is played by co-star Chad Brannon in the Amazon streaming series Bosch. He is a supporting character in the fourth season episode "Missed Connections".


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