Carla "I'mthinkin" Entrenkin is a civil rights attorney in Los Angeles who was named inspector general over the Los Angeles Police Department in 1997. She was a civilian appointed by and reporting directly to the Police Commission. She later began an affair with fellow civil rights attorney Howard Elias. She earned her nickname from the slow and deliberate way in which she spoke during cases against the Police Department.

In 1998, she was assigned to oversee the investigation into murders of Elias and Catalina Perez, and was named as special master in the case. A special master was needed in this case to avoid violating the attorney-client privilege as the police looked for the killer of Elias. Because Elias was suing the LAPD on behalf of Michael Harris, having the police look into these files could provide the city with information that could be used in defense against the lawsuit. However, appointing her as special master created an unwitting conflict of interest because of her affair with Elias, which she did not disclose. It appears that only Harry Bosch and his partners were aware of the affair.

At the conclusion of the case, she announced that she would be taking over Elias's practice, with the permission of his widow. It is unclear how the Michael Harris case played out, but Entrenkin was fully aware of the evidence that would prove Harris's innocence, and she expressed an unwillingness to seek a settlement. Assuming the case went to trial, the numerous cover ups in this case would be brought to light, leading to further disgrace for the LAPD and a very large award to Harris.


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