Dr. Carmen Hinojos is a police psychologist with the Los Angeles Police Department. She has been described as "a small woman with a friendly face and manner."

She met with detective Harry Bosch in April of 1994 after he was put on Involuntary Stress Leave (ISL) by Deputy Chief Irvin Irving. It was her responsibility to determine when Bosch could to return to work. During one of their sessions in which she is exploring his motivation to be a homicide detective, Bosch tells her "everybody counts or nobody counts." She never clears him to return to work. Instead, Irving tells her to write a favorable report for Bosch's return.

In January of 2002, she attended the funeral of officer Julia Brasher, where she met Bosch again. It was seven years after she had treated Bosch on ISL, and in the meantime her hair had turned from deep brown to entirely gray. Bosch almost didn't recognize her. She wanted to talk with Bosch about what had happened with Brasher. He tells her that he wonders whether the self-inflicted gunshot could have been wholly or partially intentional, as part of a plan to shoot Johnny Stokes and make it appear justified. Hinojos gave Bosch her card and asked him to call her to talk about it further, unofficially. Bosch says the department only cares about its image, not the truth, but he agrees to call her.

In September of 2009, she was contacted by Bosch after he had extricated his daughter from kidnappers in Kowloon and brought her to Los Angeles. She spent one afternoon with Maddie, but it is not clear whether there were any follow-up meetings.

In 2014, she met with detective Lucia Soto following Soto's involvement in a shootout that resulted in the deaths of her partner and two gang-members.

By 2017 she was the director of the BSU. She had one session with Reneé Ballard following her self-defense killing of Thomas Trent. Although she advised Ballard to take some time off, she cleared Ballard to return to duty almost immediately.


In the 2015 streaming series Bosch, a character named Dr. Renata Garcia fulfilled the same role as Hinojos.


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