Chan Ho Kang (d. 9 Feb 1998) was the father of Steve Kang, and the owner and operator of Sherman Market, a convenience store in Canoga Park, at the corner of Sherman Way and Winnetka.

On 9 February 1998, he and a customer were shot to death by an unknown assailant. Kang attempted to retrieve a revolver from beneath the counter to defend himself, but his attacker shot him a second time, killing him. The attacker then took all the money from the cash register. The murders were recorded on the store's video surveillance system, but the time stamp on the video was off by 4 seconds, leading to some confusion on the part of investigators. The time discrepancy was solved when Terry McCaleb had a high resolution still photo made of the watch on Kang's wrist at the moment he was killed. This and other evidence led McCaleb to identify the killer.


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