Charles "Bruss" Broussard (b. 1965) is the president and CEO of Broussard Concrete Designs. He is married to Maria Broussard. He is a very wealthy man and politically influential. His fortress-like main residence is on Mulholland Drive, but he has other properties (both residential and industrial) valued at $20 million. He is also an avid hunter and formerly owned White Tail Hunting Ranch and Range near Hemet.

On 12 January 2004, during the campaign for mayor, Broussard supported Robert Inglin and held a fundraiser for him. The Mariachi band Los Reyes Jalisco played at the fundraiser, and at that time Angel Ojeda met Maria Broussard. There was a mutual attraction between Mrs. Broussard and Ojeda, leading to a brief affair between the two. Bruss somehow became aware of the affair and decided to have Ojeda killed. He hired his friend and employee, David Willman, to be the hitman. However, Willman's aim was off and his bullet his Orlando Merced.

After Inglin lost in the primary Broussard switched his support to Armando Zeyas. This change was motivated by extortion from Zeyas and his campaign manager who had found out about the shooting of Merced.

On 23 March 2005 Bruss was involved in a hunting incident in which he shot and killed Willman. Broussard said he and Willman became separated and he mistook Willman for a wild boar. He was cleared of any wrongdoing, but he was sued for wrongful death by Willman's widow. He settled with her out of court, with a stipulation that she not discuss the incident with anyone. He sold the ranch after the incident.

Also in 2005 he was appointed to the city's Parks and Recreation Commission by Mayor Zeyas.

In 2014 he came under suspicion by detectives Harry Bosch and Lucia Soto who were investigating the death of Merced. He learned that his maid had been trying to tell authorities about his involvement. While he was beating her, Bosch and Soto entered the home and intervened. Soto shot Broussard twice, killing him.

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