Charles William "2 Small" Washburn (b. 4 July 1975) is the son of Rita Washburn, the grandson of Marion Washburn, the boyfriend of Latitia Settles, the father of Charles Washburn, Jr. He was a resident of West 66th Place, and a gang member in Los Angeles in the early-1990s.

On 9 February 1992, Washburn was stopped by police for loitering at Florence and Crenshaw. He later served a two-year term at the Juvenile Detention Center in Sylmar from 1992-1994. He was arrested numerous times after that, primarily for drug offenses but also some assaults and one child endangerment charge. He served two terms in prison but by 2012 he was on the street again.

In 2012, Washburn was picked up by police at a McDonald's on a bench warrant for back child-support owed to Letitia and his son. Officers found a small amount of marijuana in his possession. He was interrogated by Harry Bosch, Jordy Gant, and David Chu regarding the gun used in the 1992 murder of Anneke Jesperson, the 1996 murder of Walter Regis, and the 2003 murder of Eddie Vaughn. Initially Washburn was considered a suspect in the Jesperson murder because his house backed up to the alley where her body was found. Under questioning he revealed that he had found the gun in his back yard some time in 1992 and had given it to Trumont Story. He said he found the gun when mowing the lawn, and the mower made a deep scrape in the weapon. The gun had the serial number filed off, making it more valuable as a gang assassination weapon. Washburn told the detectives that he fired the gun only once, into his backyard fence. They went to the home and verified that the slug was still in the fence. Based on his answers the detectives believed his story about finding the gun. They dropped the drug possession charge but held him on the bench warrant.


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