Charlotte Jackson is a resident of Ora Avenue in East Atlanta, Georgia. She served as soldier in the United States Army, deploying to the Gulf War; she spent three days aboard the Saudi Princess in March of 1991, where he was interviewed by Danish photojournalist Anneke Jesperson.

She was visited by Jesperson again at Fort Benning in 1992. At that time Jesperson was looking for information about the men she was with on the Saudi Princess. At that time Jackson got the feeling that something had happened to Jesperson but she did not know what it was.

After leaving the Army, Jackson went to work for the Justice Center in Atlanta where she works in mediation. In late 2012, she talked by phone with LAPD detective Harry Bosch regarding her interaction with Jesperson. Jackson recalled that the men she had seen with Jesperson on the Saudi Princess were truckers from California. A short time later she looked at photos that Bosch had emailed her, and she identified the men in the photos.


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