Christopher Nettles is a 24 year old small-time thief originally from Poway, CA. In 2017 he was on parole after serving two years in lockup, and living at the Siesta Village motel at Wilton and Santa Monica Blvd. He had stolen a credit card from Leslie Ann Lantana of Hollywood, a case that was assigned to Reneé Ballard. She located him at the motel and arrested him, discovering that he was in possession of a gun. His parole agent immediately revoked his parole, meaning that he would have to finish his sentence in prison, and he was looking at the possibility of five years added to his sentence for the gun. When offered a deal in exchange for information on where he had obtained the gun, he told Ballard how to find the house where he had stolen it. The origin of the gun was important because it had been used in the killing of two armored car drivers.


  • The Late Show
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