Claude Eno (d. 1990) was a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department Hollywood Division's Homicide unit in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He was the husband of Olive Eno.

He and his partner investigated the death of Marjorie Lowe in late October of 1961. In the course of the investigation, he struck a secret deal with aspiring district attorney Arno Conklin, and subsequently removed pages from Lowe's murder book that mentioned Conklin. In November of 1962, he created McCage Inc., through which Conklin routed monthly payments of $1,000 to Eno.

Eno and his wife subsequently moved to Las Vegas where Eno worked security for the Sands Hotel for a time before going to work for the Flamingo Las Vegas for the next two decades. While working at the Flamingo, Eno met a blackjack dealer thirty years his junior, Elizabeth Shivone, and began an affair with her. As Claude and Olive progressed into dementia into their old age, Elizabeth moved in with them as a caretaker.

Claude died in 1990.


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