Clayton S. Pell (b. 9 Nov 1981) is a resident of a halfway house located in Buena Vista Apartments in Panorama City in Los Angeles. He is a very small man, 5 ft. 2 in. and 110 lbs. He has a part-time job at Grande Mercado. He is gay and a convicted pedophile. His therapist is Dr. Hannah Stone.

His mother was a heroin addict, and in 1989, the two moved in with a man Pell referred to as Johnny, who beat him with a belt and sexually abused him. When Pell's mother found pictures showing Johnny molesting her son, she moved them out. In 1994, Pell's mother "overdosed on a motel bed while he was sleeping" beside her, at which time "he was taken into the custody of the Department of Children and Family Services and being placed in a series of foster homes," though he ran away on several occasions.

He was convicted in 2001 of indecent exposure with a neighbor's child, and was convicted in 2002 of false imprisonment and indecent exposure again when he took a child by the hand and led him into a nearby restroom. He later served six years of a ten-year sentence at Corcoran State Prison from 2004 to April of 2010 for the abduction and forcible rape of a minor below the age of twelve, after which he began a four year probation term. In 2009, he was beaten by his fellow inmates and castrated.

In October of 2011, LAPD detectives Harry Bosch and David Chu were assigned to investigate a cold hit that linked Pell to a 1989 rape and murder, although Pell was only 8 years old at the time. Pell's prison records indicated his repeated assertion that he was beaten by "Johnny." Bosch realized that this could explain how Pell's blood was found on Lily Price. Bosch interviewed Pell in an effort to identify Johnny. Together they located the Camelot Apartments where Pell and his mother had formerly lived in with Johnny.

After Johnny was identified as Chilton Hardy and arrested, Pell wanted Hardy dead. He left Buena Vista and got himself arrested so that he might get close enough to Hardy to get revenge. They ended up on the same bus going from jail to the courthouse. Pell used his chain shackles to choke Hardy, but Bosch intervened and saved Hardy's life. Pell knew he was going back to prison but didn't care. He was only angry that he hadn't succeeded in killing Hardy.


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