Cons, Scams & Grifts is the 21st novel written by Joe Gores, and the sixth to feature Dan Kearney & Associates. The book was published on 28 August 2001.

The novel is notable for two mentions of LAPD detective Harry Bosch. One occurred on page 20:

"We got a call from Harry Bosch, the Hollywood Homicide cop," said Guildenstern around his sandwich. Rosenkrantz blew on his coffee and nodded to go on. "Seems a guy got knifed down in LaLa and died in the arms of the snoopy old broad from next door. His dying words were that it was his wife did the nasty to him.
"Heavens! A wife killing her husband? I'm astounded."
"Harry said both the vic and the perp were from up here. Ephrem and Yana Poteet. Even had a local address where we can start." He turned to Beverly as if she had asked a question. "Victim and perpetrator–guy who got did done it."

And the other occurred on page 233:

"Next," said Guildenstern, "we find out at Marine World in Vallejo that Heslip was asking a lot of questions about Poteet. So we call Harry Bosch down in L.A., and guess what? There's Heslip's big number nines all over Harry's case. Cops don't like P.I.'s mixing in murder, so we–"
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