David Alexander Willman was a friend of Charles Broussard . The two grew up in Hemet and remained best friends until just prior to Willman's death. Both men were hunting and firearms enthusiasts. Broussard hired Willman to manage his hunting ranch near Hemet. Willman also became a freelance hitman, although many of the details are not clear. He was probably the shooter who paralyzed Orlando Merced, and the Merced killing was a conspiracy between him and Broussard.  

In 2014 detectives Harry Bosch and Lucia Soto found weapons in the garage of his former residence that were used in at least two other murders. There is not hard evidence that he was the shooter, but it is most likely that he was. In one case he was involved in the murder of a 38 year old housewife from San Diego using a Glock handgun. In another case he was involved in a Las Vegas gang-style murder using a Viet Nam era M60 machine gun. The Kimber Model 84 hunting rifle used to shoot Merced was also found in the garage.

On 23 March 2005 he was involved in a hunting incident in which he was shot and killed by Broussard. Willman's death was probably murder, but no charges were ever filed. He was survived by his wife, Audrey Willman.

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