Dean Towson is a defense attorney specializing in federal cases. He previously worked for eight years in the District Attorney's Justice System Integrity Division (J-SID) prosecuting crooked cops. As of 2017 he was representing Gordon Fabian on a federal drug charge. After Fabian was killed in the Dancers murder case, Towson was interviewed by Det. Ken Chastain. Later, Det. Reneé Ballard interviewed Towson in an effort to understand why Fabian was wearing a recording device when he was killed. Towson and his client had discussed what it would take to make plea deal, and Fabian implied that he could deliver a crooked cop. However, Towson was unaware of any such deals being made.

A few days later, Towson accompanied Ballard to a meeting with Joseph Feltzer to discuss the death of Thomas Trent. Towson and Ballard effectively leveraged evidence of Feltzer's misconduct to get Ballard cleared for return to work.


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