"Deep In Death" is the eleventh episode and second-season premier of the ABC series Castle, airing on 21 September 2009. The episode is notable for including an appearance by mystery writer Michael Connelly as one of Richard Castle's poker buddies, along with Stephen J. Cannell.


STEPHEN J. CANNELL: Ha-ha...that's a pretty good story, Ricky. It's got a big opening, a major twist.
MICHAEL CONNELLY: Though I gotta say: I saw that whole drug-mule thing coming.
RICHARD CASTLE: Nice try, Connelly. You're not gonna goad me into raising. Stephen, you once wrote about an underground poker game in, uh, King Con.
CASTLE (to Michael): And you once had Harry Bosch investigate the murder of a poker player.
CONNELLY: Yeah: "One Dollar Jackpot." Why?
CASTLE: Well, Michael, this guy that we're looking for, he's a regular in the Triad-run games in Chinatown. I thought maybe one of you knew someone who could get me in.
CANNELL: What are you, nuts? Those are crooks and killers down there.
CONNELLY: Look, Ricky, doing the research is one thing, but the Russian mafia? The Triad? You tangle with those people, and all the bestsellers in the world are not going to protect you?
CASTLE: No, I don't- I don't plan on tangling. I'm just gonna be another rich, bored thrill-seeker looking to try my luck down there.
CANNELL: You must really like her.
CANNELL: That police detective of yours. Look, Ricky, there's only one reason that you'd be dumb enough to go down there, and that's to impress a girl. Why don't you cut yourself a little slack and just buy her some flowers?
CASTLE: Do you know the place or not? Well?
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