Deirdre Ramsey (b. 1986) is the girlfriend of Tariq Underwood, a resident of Los Angeles, and a client of Mickey Haller. In 2011, she and Underwood perpetrated a combination robbery and scam on a convenience store. Underwood and a co-conspirator robbed the store while Ramsey posed as a customer. Underwood then "raped" Ramsey in front of the other customers and employees. Ramsey sued the store and received a settlement of $250,000. Later it came to light that the robbery was carried out by Underwood and the alleged rape was staged. Because Underwood was represented by the Public Defender's Office, a conflict of interest was created requiring Ramsey to find other representation. Haller was able to pick up the case, and he turned it over to Jennifer Aronson who negotiated a plea agreement in which Ramsey would not be forced to testify against Underwood.


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