Dixie McQueen (d. 1992) was a prostitute in Los Angeles until she died from hepatitis in 1992.

In April of 1990, she was picked up by Norman Church and taken to his apartment in the Silverlake district. There, she searched through the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and found a stash of women's make-up, leading her to believe that he was the Dollmaker seriesl killer. She fled from the apartment and called the LAPD's Westside Strangler Task Force, and spoke with detective Harry Bosch. She was motivated largely by the reward that was being offered.

Bosch met with McQueen, who led the detective back to Church's apartment and told him about the stash of make-up. She remained in Bosch's car while he engaged the suspect.

McQueen's tip was discussed during the wrongful death lawsuit brought by Deborah Church against detective Bosch in November of 1993.


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