Capt. Don Hadley was head of LAPD's Office of Homeland Security as of 2006. The office was created in response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 and the creation of the federal Homeland Security Agency. The purpose of the LAPD office was interface with federal agencies in cases of suspected terrorism within L.A. 

Hadley's sudden rise from second in command of Valley Division Traffic to head of this prestigious squad was surprising to many in the department. It may have had something to do with the fact that his twin brother, James Hadley, was a member of the politically-appointed Police Commission. Hadley attempted to give his unit a unique identity, and he ordered black uniforms in place of the department's standard Navy Blue. He also tried to create a high profile for himself and his officers by appearing at numerous press conferences and crime scenes, even when there was no terrorism link. His habit of showing up where he wasn't needed or wanted earned him the nickname Capt. Done Badly.

In 2007 his office received an anonymous phone tip that the Chrysler 300 belonging to Alicia Kent had been found parked in front of the home of Ramin Samir in the Silver Lake neighborhood. Hadley was convinced that Samir was a terrorist involved in the murder of Dr. Stanley Kent and theft of radioactive cesium. In searching Samir's trash, Hadley's officers found black ski masks and a hand-drawn map to the overlook where Kent was killed. Based on this evidence, Hadley obtained a search warrant for Samir's home. Harry Bosch was present and tried to convince Hadley to slow down and contact the FBI, pointing out that the car and other evidence was simply too convenient and was probably planted. Hadley ignored Bosch's advice. They went in like a SWAT team and Samir was killed.

It is doubly ironic that Bosch would tell Hadley to slow down and wait for the FBI since Bosch himself is frequently faulted for his antagonism to the feds and for pushing blindly forward in order to maintain the momentum of a case. In this case, Bosch turned out to be right.

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