Donald Driscoll is an Information Technology specialist living in the Belmont Shores neighborhood of Long Beach, CA. In April 2010 he was hired by ALOFT to assist with the data processing needs of the company. His supervisor was a man named Borden. He was directed by Borden to start keeping tabs on a number of individuals including Lisa Trammel and Mitchell Bondurant. Driscoll provided monthly reports that Borden forwarded to Louis Opparizio. After the murder of Bondurant in 2011, Opparizio told Driscoll to keep his mouth shut. The entire situation made Driscoll nervous and he gave two weeks notice that he would be leaving the company. Instead, he was terminated immediately with full pay for one year.

In March 2011 he was found by Mickey Haller and Dennis Wojciechowski and forced to testify. On cross examination, Andrea Freeman revealed some damaging facts about his background, some of which may have been fabricated by ALOFT. Driscoll then blamed Haller for this attack on his reputation.

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