Donald Kenyon (d. 2 Dec 1997) was the husband of Donna Kenyon, and the president of Washington Guaranty until it was discovered that he had used the company as a scam to steal $35-million. He fled the country, but was later found living in Costa Rica and extradited back to the United States to face trial. He was convicted of "massive fraud" by District Judge Dorothy Windsor, and sentenced to 48 years in prison.

On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving of 1997, Kenyon was shot and killed in his home by a then-unknown man. He was 36 years of age when he was killed. He was killed in a manner that was intended to allow his organs to be harvested for transplant. However, the type of bullet used caused almost instantaneous death, and his organs could not be saved. In April of 1998, FBI profiler Terry McCaleb and Vernon Carruthers determined that the bullet that killed Kenyon matched bullet fragments from the murders of James Cordell, Gloria Torres, and Chan Ho Kang. All four victims had been killed with the same gun. McCaleb later discovered the Kenyon, Cordell and Torres were targeted because their blood group was the rare AB with CMV negative.


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