Dr. Schubert was a successful plastic surgeon, owner of Center for Cosmetic Creations. His wife is Gail Schubert, and they lived on Elevado Avenue in Beverly Hills. Schubert had a couple of vices which were his downfall. He had a gambling addiction which caused his wife to take over management of their finances. He was also unable to resist the advances of one of his patients, Deborah Stovall, a prostitute who was working a blackmail scheme under the direction of two corrupt detectives, Don Ellis and Kevin Long. Using video of Schubert with the hooker, the dirty cops forced him to come up with $100,000. Schubert didn't have access to that much cash because of his gambling problem, so he gave them jewelry, wine and artwork. At the suggestion of Ellis and Long, he made it look like a burglar had stolen the items and that's what he told his wife.

Schubert was supposed to come up with another $50,000 every six months, which he was planning to do. Before that could happen, Harry Bosch figured out what was going on and went to confront the doctor. Ellis and Long observed Bosch go to the doctor's office and decided to kill both men. In the shootout, the doctor was killed by Don Ellis.

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