Earl Briggs (d. Apr. 4 2013) was a client of Los Angeles attorney Mickey Haller who worked as Haller's driver to pay off his legal fees. Briggs worked for Haller off and on over a period of many years, depending on his legal needs. In 2012 Briggs' mother got help from Haller in fighting, or at least delaying, the foreclosure on her house. Briggs became Haller's driver again to pay off his mother's legal fees.

On 4 April 2013, Haller went to the federal prison in Victorville to see Sylvester Fulgoni Sr. and Hector Arrande Moya. Briggs was driving as usual. On the way home the Lincoln Towncar was rammed from behind at high speed by a red tow truck. The Lincoln was forced off the highway where it flipped three times. Briggs was thrown from the car and killed. The tow truck was determined to have been stolen, and it was later found abandoned and burned.


In the 2011 film, Briggs was played by Laurence Mason.


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