Eidolon Productions is a film production company in Hollywood, California that is operated by Alexander Taylor. The company maintains offices at Archway Studios. As of the late 1990's Eidolon was occupying one-third of the office space at Archway.

In 1998, the company suffered two major crime events. An employee, Angella Benton, was murdered. At that time Eidolon was simultaneously producing a television sitcom and two films. One of the movies was directed by Wolfgang Haus and was being filmed outside a bungalow on Selma Avenue in Hollywood. $2 million in real cash was being delivered to the set for use in a scene. There was tight security present, coordinated by Raymond Vaughn, Director of Security for the bank that was lending the money. In addition, Harry Bosch was present on the set because he was investigating Benton's murder which had occurred only four days earlier. Nevertheless, the robbery was successful and the film had to be shut down.

The company is named after the Greek concept of a phantom look-alike of the human form. The term appeared in Edgar Allan Poe's 1844 poem "Dream-Land," and was a moniker used by the serial killer known as the Poet.


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