"El Compadre"
Season 3, Episode 4
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Release date April 21, 2017
Written by Jeffrey Fiskin
Directed by Sarah Pia Anderson
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"El Compadre" is the fourth episode of the third season of the streaming series Bosch, and the twenty third episode of the series.

The episode premiered on Amazon Instant Video along with the rest of the third season on 21 April 2017.

The episode is rated TV-MA for "adult content, adult language," and "graphic violence," and derives its title the quote found on the owl at the crime scene.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Teaser[edit | edit source]

Robertson meets with his ex-partner, Terry Drake, now retired. Drake buys them tamales from a food truck and Robertson explains his predicament having found Bosch's prints at the Gunn scene. Drake counsels that Robertson should make the information public, anonymously, making Bosch's involvement a command problem.

Dobbs meets with Woodrow and Moreno to discuss the botched surveillance. He reprimands Woodrow, despite his insistence that he Bosch did not identify him.

Bosch collects the joint that Woodrow was smoking from the curbside outside his home. He then takes Madeline for a driving lesson but is distracted as he thinks he may still have a tail. Madeline skids on a corner and knocks a wing mirror off a parked car. They stop to leave their details and Bosch's notices a black BMW with no plates passing them. He plays it cool and agrees with Madeline that he will pay for private lessons.

Act One[edit | edit source]

Bosch visits Sharkey's mother but the boy has not been home.

Anderson calls Billets to verify a tip that the department is investigating one of their own in the Gunn case.

Edge and Powers pick up Sharkey with his friends.

Edgar buys a coffee for Pierce and asks how things are going with the Gunn case. Pierce complains that Robertson has sidelined him looking a watch designs due to a pattern in the bruising on Gunn's neck - Robertson believes someone used a chokehold on Gunn.

Bosch catches up with Edge and Powers on the street and they handover Sharkey for an interview. Moreno watches as Bosch goes to drive Sharkey back home.

Anderson shares a smoke break with his editor, Greg Metcalf. They discuss the tip on the Gunn case and Anderson speculates that Bosch is the veteran detective in question.

Edgar and Billets meet for coffee again. Edgar explains his findings linking the owl at the scene to the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch, Harry's namesake. Edgar believes that Bosch is being framed. They speculate that Andrew Holland could be responsible. Billets again encourages Edgar to discuss his findings with Bosch as soon as possible.

Bosch checks his messages. He has two from IA Sergeant Amy Snyder, one from Anderson and one from Rick Jackson warning that Edgar came to see him about the Gunn case. Bosch checks the Gunn murder book and finds that Robertson has included notes about the links to Bosch paintings based on the owl found at the scene.

Bosch confronts Edgar.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Anderson meets Bosch and Edgar in a bar.

Irving tracks down Jun Park.

Bosch demands to discuss the case with Jimmy. Snyder is also at Hollywood Station to interview Bosch. Billets breaks up the argument and Bosch turns on her.

Bosch and Edgar visit Woodrow's home but find him out. They leave a message with his landlady that they want to talk to him about Meadows.

Edgar tries to make smalltalk about surfing and Bosch shuts him down, still feeling betrayed.

Edgar and Bosch interview another squadmate of Meadows.

Irving meets with Jun for coffee. He is interested in what drives her to volunteer with the crisis response team, sensing that she might also be bereaved. She confides in him about the shooting of her brother.

Bosch relents and makes smalltalk with Edgar about his sons as they get back to the station.

Benitez and Bosch meet; they have been unable to raise Annabelle Crowe.

Edgar picks up his son for the science fair.

Bosch tracks Annabelle to a spin class but she is evasive. She admits that she has decided against testifying at trial. Bosch intuits that the defense has uncovered her alter ego as an escort. She is afraid of being exposed in court. Despite Bosch trying to encourage her she is adamant that she will no longer appear.

Moreno meets Dobbs and Woodrow at a pool hall. Dobbs is concerned that Sharkey may be able to identify Moreno despite his assurances to the contrary. Their contact Cornell "Merch" Jackson arrives and Dobbs is annoyed that he is running late. Merch has good news about their next project.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Bosch sends Madeline out for a lesson. He wonders if she has moved any of his possessions, noticing several things out of place around his home including the case files on his coffee table.

Bosch drives out to Tafero's place and warns him to stay away from Annabelle Crowe and his house. Tafero claims he has not spoken to Crowe but Bosch sees through the lie. He is far more convincing when he denies having been to Bosch's home.

Moreno picks up Sharkey posing as a John. He runs a red light, losing Sharkey's friends and claiming he is driving dangerously for fun. Moreno takes Sharkey to a pedestrian tunnel, questioning whether they have met before. As they cross under the highway Moreno surreptitiously pulls a curved knife and tells Sharkey that he likes him, using his nickname. The boy is shocked to be identified and Moreno tells him he has something with his name on it before slashing his throat twice and leaving him to bleed out.

Act Four[edit | edit source]

Crate and Barrel call Bosch to inform him that Sharkey's body has been found. Bosch wakes Madeline to tell her he is going out. She insists on accompanying him.

At the scene Bosch notes that Sharkey's assailant targeted his arteries. He silently returns to Madeline in the car.

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Opening Credits[edit | edit source]

  1. Laura Schiff CSA - Casting
  2. Carrie Audino CSA - Casting
  3. Helen Geier CSA - Casting
  4. Jesse Voccia - Music
  5. Titus Welliver - Producer
  6. Jeffrey Fiskin - Consulting Producer
  7. Elle Johnson - Co-Executive Producer
  8. Daniel Pyne - Executive Producer
  9. Henrik Pabst - Executive Producer
  10. Jan David Frouman - Executive Producer
  11. Pieter Janne Brugge - Executive Producer
  12. Henrik Bastin - Executive Producer
  13. Michael Connelly - Executive Producer
  14. Eric Overmyer - Executive Producer
  15. Michael Connelly - Based on the books by
  16. Eric Overmyer - Developer
  17. Jeffrey Fiskin - Writer
  18. Sarah Pia Anderson - Director

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