Emily "GoGo" Gomez-Gonzmart is a feature reporter with the Los Angeles Times specializing in crime stories. Her email address is

In early 2008, she wrote an article titled "Triads Exact Toll on Local Chinese" with Los Angeles Police Department Detective David Chu as a source. This appears to be how she met Detective Chu. Some time after this she began to date Chu and get inside information from him.

In 2009, after the murder of Angela Cook, she wrote an article about Cook to accompany the main article about the serial killer.

In early October 2011, Chu gave Gomez-Gonzmart inside information on the death of George Irving. She was about to write an article stating that police had determined it to be a homicide and an arrest was imminent. When Chu threatened her, she held back the article. It turned out that the homicide theory was incorrect. She broke up with Chu at that time. On 7 October 2011, she co-wrote a new article titled "LAPD: Councilman's Son's Death Ruled Suicide" along with Tad Hemmings


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