In the 1990's EnviroBreed was a breeder of sterile fruit flies as a contractor to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The company was based in Mexicali.

The company irradiated Mediterranean fruit flies (Trypedit family) to make them sterile, dyed them pink and shipped an average of thirty million flies to the Medfly Eradication Project Center in Los Angeles each week. The purpose was to cut down on Medfly reproduction and make them easier to eradicate.

The proprietor of the company was Charles Ely, while the owner of the contractor was listed as Gilberto Ornelas. USDA agent Jerry Dinsmore was stationed at the facility to inspect the outgoing medfly shipments.

LAPD detective Harry Bosch became interested in EnviroBreed as part of his investigation into the murder of Fernal Gutierrez-Llosa who had worked at the facility. Bosch and State Judicial Police investigator Carlos Aguila visited the building on 28 December 1992, and interviewed Ely and Dinsmore. Bosch later broke into the building and discovered a trap door leading to a tunnel.


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