Fernando Valenzuela is the husband of Maria Valenzuela, and a bail bondsman who owns Liberty Bail Bonds in Van Nuys. He shares his name with a 1980s-90s Major League Baseball pitcher. He is married and has three daughters. As of the mid-2000's the family lived in Valencia. Prior to that they lived in Van Nuys.

On Monday 7 March, 2005, he called Mickey Haller to tell him about a new client, Louis Ross Roulet. Valenzuela wrote a $1 million bail bond for Roulet and recommended that Roulet hire Haller as his defense attorney. This was an unusually large bond for Valenzuela, and he had to use his home in Valencia as security. To make sure he didn't get burned, he required Roulet to wear an electronic tracking bracelet on his ankle. This allowed Valenzuela to know Roulet's whereabouts at all times to make sure he didn't try to flee prosecution.

On Tuesday 12 April, 2005, Valenzuela received a phone call from Haller telling him that Raul Levin had been murdered and asking him to check on Roulet's location. Valenzuela reported that Roulet had not been near Levin's house. On Monday 23 May, 2005, Haller came to Valenzuela's home to accuse him (erroneously) of allowing Roulet to defeat the tracking bracelet. The two had a scuffle resulting in Valenzuela's new plasma TV being broken. Two days later, when Roulet was released form custody, Haller called Valenzuela again to check on Roulet's location. Valenzulea reported that Roulet was in the Valley in the vicinity of the apartment of Maggie McPherson.

By 2012 Valenzuela had added process serving to his business. He was hired by Sylvester Fulgoni, Jr. to subpoena Gloria Dayton to testify in the Habeas Corpus petition of Hector Arrande Moya. About a week later she was killed. He did not see a connection between the murder with the subpoena. Some time after that Fulgoni had Valenzuela serve subpoenas on Haller and Kendall Roberts. Haller and Valenzuela had some friction, partially stemming from the Roulet case and partially because Haller treated him badly.

In the trial of Andre La Cosse, Valenzuela was called as a defense witness. He testified about the serving of the subpoenas, which began to connect the La Cosse case with the Moya case.


Valenzuela's name was changed to Val Valenzuela for 2011 film, and he was played by John Leguizamo.


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