Freddy Olivas (d. Sept 2006) was a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department Northeast Division Homicide, and the partner of Ted Colbert. After the arrest of Raynard Waits, Olivas was the lead investigator working the case alone while Colbert was on vacation in Hawaii. When Harry Bosch was called into the case and Olivas obtained the file on the Gesto murder, he found a note suggesting that the killer had called and left a message for Bosch and Edgar, but the call was never returned. Olivas found this note to be very significant, but he was unaware that it was fraudulent.

In September of 2006 on a law enforcement excursion to recover the buried body of Marie Gesto from Beachwood Canyon, Waits was able to get Olivas's gun while he was being handcuffed. He then shot and killed the detective.


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