Gary Harrod was a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department. Harry Bosch knew him but not well. Bosch knew only that Harrod was a conscientious cop who retired as early as he could to get out of L.A. After retirement he moved to Florida and went into real estate.

In 1992, he worked with the Department's Riot Crimes Task Force; one of the murders he investigated was the death of Anneke Jesperson. In 2012, he was contacted by Bosch who had reopened the Jesperson's case. Harrod told Bosch that there was a cop in Devonshire Division who spoke Danish. Harrod had used him a few times to call Denmark in an effort to get a handle on what Jesperson was doing in L.A. in '92. However, that cop was gone by 2012. Harrod could not offer more help on the case.


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