Eugene Delgado (d. 26 May 1990) was a military police officer with the United States Army, and served in the Vietnam War until he was discharged in 1973. At that time, he stayed in Saigon as a civilian military adviser, and remained until the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. While in Viet Nam he became acquainted with Art Franklin, John Rourke and Billy Meadows.

After returning to the United States, Delgado was arrested three times for burglaries in Los Angeles, and served time in Los Angeles County jail. In 1985, he was arrested for an attempted bank robbery in Santa Ana, and served three years at Soledad. In 1988, he was paroled to Charlie Company in Ventura, California, while Meadows was there. He participated in the break-in at WestLand National Bank along with Franklin, Rourke, and Meadows.

He and Art Franklin attempted to breach the vault of Beverly Hills Safe & Lock on 26 May 1990, but were interrupted by Martin B. Avery III and detectives Pierce Lewis and Don Clarke. He and Franklin fled, but were pursued into an underground tunnel by detective Harry Bosch. Delgado eluded Bosch, but was shot and killed in the tunnel by FBI agent John Rourke.


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