Georgia Stern was an adult film performer who worked under the stage-name "Velvet Box" and did outcall work in the early 1990s. She was one of the girls that Tom Cerrone managed.

On 17 June 1989, she was sent out to meet a client at the Hollywood Star Motel. After undressing, she was attacked by the man, who tried to strangle her with the strap of her purse. She fought the man off and fled the motel.

Stern later gave a description of the attack to police, who believed her attacker to be the Dollmaker serial killer. She was the only victim to escape the Dollmaker until Dixie McQueen. Stern worked with a police artist on a sketch of her attacker, though after a suspect was killed, he did not match the drawing. In reviewing the case, Bosch realized that the reason her description did not match Norman Church was because there was a second killer, a copycat.


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